Community and Caring – The Sakai Project


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Oh Comic-Con ccilogo, you told me once how you started so much smaller than you are now.  Something that reminded me so much of what you said was finding out about the Sakai Project which not only has some wonderful artwork but was created as a benefit for the medical expenses of one of the most loved comic artists around Artist’s Alley, Stan Sakai, well known for his Usagi Yojimbo comics.

Comic-Con has grown ever so big now, but there are places that have a feel like they  have been pulled from the origins into the middle of the bustle and hugeness of the Dealer Room.  Artist’s Alley is one of those places where artists of all sorts are gathered together, joking with each other, enjoying each other’s company, helping each other out.   Stan and his wife, Sharon, are well known by the artists there.  When a call was made to artists to contribute items for a benefit auction, so many pieces of artwork came in that Dark Horse Comics decided to create a hardcover book including a large number of them.  Then they set it up so that all the proceeds from the sales of the book go to benefit the Sakai family.  The Pasedena Star News has a very nice article about this.

The book was available at Comic-Con and we promptly went to get a copy.

Elfin with Sakai Project hardcover book

Elfin with Sakai Project hardcover book

Oh, the artwork!  Oh the nice quality pages!  AND many of the artists who had works in it were at Comic-Con including Stan himself!

Elfin and Stan Sakai

Elfin and Stan Sakai


WinkieCon Oh My


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IMG_2332 small

Apparently this group has been putting on conventions associated with the Wizard of Oz in all its incarnations have been going on for 50 years and I found it!

Complete with Wicked Witch (as represented by Kurt Raymond)

IMG_2668 Interview1 IMG_2680 Interview2

The witch didn’t find me, but Kurt was quite fun to chat with!

IMG_2479 small

Deviant Art


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While I was at Comic-Con I found out about this wonderful group that sponsors the Artist’s Alley portion of the Dealer Room – Deviant Art.   Oh the prettiness all over their pages!   And I got to meet Art himself

IMG_1791 DeviantArt small

and share a hug

IMG_1793 DeviantArt&Elfin small

I heard from several artists that they were so very grateful to Deviant Art for sponsoring their area.  They talked so much about the community among those who are there and how much support they receive and give.   Yay for Deviant Art!



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It was fun to see some of my siblings at Comic-Con.  I couldn’t take any pictures because they were in the Art Show and that just is not allowed.  They seemed to be having fun looking out at all commotion in the main room.  Some of our other siblings are posing at our creator’s Deviant Art page.

One of the most wonderful things I found out about Comic-Con is that Deviant Art sponsors the area called Artist’s Alley.  This area has tables and tables shared by some wonderful, talented artists, writers and more.  Such a great thing for this company to do!  I thank them very much because some of the nicest people are there!

Day Two


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Well the wet stuff stopped coming down by the time I got on site – Yay!  So while there were clouds the sun was peeking when I found these gals and their fun kitty hat for me.

IMG_1706 small

Not too long after I found this other kitty picture.   No doom for me, but no guarantees for anyone else.

IMG_1712 small

Then I went to see people and presentations – like …

the people at the Outlander booth

IMG_1714 small

and a new author friend Anton Strout

IMG_1728 small

And David Peterson

IMG_1764 small

Comic-Con Day 2



There is this damp stuff coming from the sky on day two of Comic-Con!  Hope the people I saw camped out last night stay dry.  I don’t know what today has in store, but I do plan to write a little bit more about each of the fun people I met yesterday at some point soon  AND I still have to get back to my travel to Ireland.   This time thing is causing me problems here.



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IMG_1641-smallThe fun has started!!  And I am ready.


Authors, artists, directors – oh the fun I had today!

First to sit in on the session Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature with David Brin, Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, Jason Hough, Marie Lu, Jonathan Maberry and Henry Herz was way fun.  More fun was visiting with them all at their autograph session!  Some were cuddly, some were kinda scary, but all in good fun!

IMG_1673small IMG_1672small

Jonathan Maberry apparently was a bit hungry.  Made Jim Butcher wonder whether he should be sitting next to him.  But then Jim had these very scary sharp fingers to protect himself so I think he would be fine in the long run.


IMG_1679smallDavid Brin seemed a little gruff but perhaps this was because he wasn’t quite sure what opinion to have of me yet.

IMG_1678small IMG_1676small IMG_1675smallIMG_1681small

Jason Hough, Rachel Caine, Marie Lu and Henry Herz were all sporting beautiful smiles.  Rachel had this wonderful cover that looks like an old book, but inside?….a computer of course!  And Henry was probably most happy with my choice of a book for him (and Jim Butcher) to sign.

Later I found Peter Beagle for a wonderful hug to round off the afternoon.


Later in the evening a visit with Robin Hobb


followed by a tribute to artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones by Maria Paz Cabardo


All this on the first day!